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Custom Designed Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Castings

custom-design-and-modelMolten metal is injected in the flask mold using vacuum or centrifugal casting. When the metal cools and hardens the investment is broken away revealing the un-finished jewelry casting. This casting is filed, polished and prepped for assembly, which may include setting the gemstones or welding other precious metal parts to the casting.

Custom Jewelry Wax Molds

wax moldAfter the sketch is approved, a wax mold of your custom jewelry is created. A skilled artisan/jeweler hand carves a jewelry prototype out of jewelers wax using small scalpels and knives. The wax prototype also known as a "model" is placed in a flask, and plaster, called "investment" is poured all around the model. Once the investment hardens an exact impression of the model is formed inside of the flask. The wax model is burned out of the flask leaving a cavity of the jewelry design.

Custom Jewelry Designs

custom designed wedding ringsOur master jewelry craftsmen can create a piece that is as unique as you are. Choose from platinum, gold, diamonds and colored gemstones. We can redesign jewelry pieces you own or create something completely from scratch.

We will sit down with you and talk about the look and style you want. We then will make a drawing of the item for you to review. You can come in to our store in Bedford Texas to review the sketch or we can email it to you. From the drawing we will create a wax model, make a mold and then the final piece will be ready for delivery. R and D Jewelers can take the project from concept to reality. You will have a piece of jewelry to cherish and pass on to future generations.

R & D Jewelers uses the Dia View, diamond viewing system that enlarges any stone or gem up to 200 times. read more

Custom Jewelry Sketches

custom jewelry drawingR and D Jewelers will sit down and show you examples of various styles. If you have seen a jewelry piece you like, bring a picture. We can use that to create a sketch of your piece.

After our initial meeting, we will prepare drawings (sketches) of the jewelry. You then will review the drawings and make any changes before the next step.


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